OA Quick Steps

Are you new to Overeaters Anonymous or just need help getting through the Steps?

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Try a Quick Steps Workshop

These workshops are either four 90-minute sessions or two 3-hour sessions as indicated below, and take you through the 12 Steps of Overeaters Anonymous using AA’s Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Expect to be very busy between the sessions devoted to important homework. The purpose of these workshops is to get through the 12 Steps quickly, teach suggestions for life-long recovery, and aid in the on-going physical, mental and spiritual growth through Overeaters Anonymous. There is no fee for this workshop series, and we will be accepting 7th Tradition donations.

One of the promises in the AA Big Book is that before you’re done with Step Nine, the obsession is lifted. Increase your chance of success—join the OA Quick Steps workshop series, get abstinent and work through the 12 Steps in just a few short weeks!

To register, contact Pat W. at 612-804-4563 or godhpandme@gmail.com. Registration is mandatory. Numbers are limited. Please do not register if you are unable to attend all sessions. Expect to be very busy working on recovery during these sessions!

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The workshop helped me to realize I could work the steps, it wasn’t just for others, I could do it too! Engaging in the workshop and working the steps has helped me to feel real fellowship and connection with other OA members. We are united in working the steps.           ~ Karin


I certainly was helped by the workshop. I was a bit overwhelmed by the pace but found more understanding from every session. I really appreciated the help with my Step 4.        ~Jen


I thought it was wonderful! It was a new way of looking at the steps for me. You really own the Steps when you say them out loud. It was powerful and I recommend it.        ~Sandra


I am still abstinent and more committed to it than ever!       ~Anonymous