OA Tools of Recovery

In OA, we have nine tools of recovery to help us to recover on a daily basis. Our tools include: plan of eating, sponsorship, meetings, telephone, writing, literature, anonymity, service and action plan.

Plan of Eating

The purpose of a plan of eating is to arrest the physical cravings, not only so we can achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but so that we can work the Twelve Step program of recovery. Many members work with a doctor, dietitian or nutritionist to find a meal plan that fits their needs.


We ask a sponsor to help us work the Twelve Steps of OA so we can recover on all three levels—physical, emotional and spiritual.


Meetings give us an opportunity to identify our common problem, confirm our common solution and share the gifts we receive through this program. Meetings can be in person, online or on the telephone.


Many members call, text or email their sponsors and other OA members daily. Telephone or electronic contact can provide an immediate outlet for those hard-to-handle highs and lows we may experience.


Putting our thoughts and feelings down on paper helps us to better understand our actions and reactions in a way that is often not revealed to us by simply thinking or talking about them.


We read World Service-approved books, pamphlets, Lifeline and AA literature. Reading from the literature on a daily basis helps us live the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.


Anonymity guarantees we will place principles before personalities and assures us that only we have the right to make our membership known within our community.


Any form of service that helps reach a fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery: going to meetings, putting away chairs, calling newcomers and serving above the meeting level.

Action Plan

A plan of action is the process of identifying and implementing attainable actions that are necessary for our recovery.

The Tools of Recovery (abridged)