How To Start A Meeting

So, you would like to start a new OA meeting? Not sure how to go about it? The following are some guidelines to get you started:

  • Make sure you have at least 2-3 people committed to starting and attending this meeting on a regular basis so at least one person is at each weekly meeting to meet with newcomers. It is recommended that these key people have attended at least six Overeaters Anonymous meetings and at least one of these members has been abstinent for six months or more and is moving towards a healthy maintenance weight.
  • Find a location where you can meet weekly and establish a day and time of the week. You can meet anywhere, as long as it will allow the meeting to be separate from the business or organization who is hosting the meeting in its building. This aligns with our 4th tradition in that there is no other outside affiliation than OA. In addition, the 7th Tradition asks that groups be self-supporting, accepting no outside contributions. Therefore, a 7th Tradition collection is encouraged so that you can make a donation to the owner of the building for the use of the room.
  • Obtain a meeting number
  • Obtain a meeting number from the Overeaters Anonymous World Service Organization (WSO) and completing their Add a Meeting WSO Agreement.
    • Contact Unity Intergroup
      Once you have received your meeting number, Unity Intergroup would love to hear from you and have you become a part of our intergroup.  We can help you in many ways including start-up money to help pay your first month’s rent, and a literature donation. You will need to make your request at an intergroup meeting. Please contact Unity Intergroup’s chair in advance of the meeting you plan to attend by completing our Email Contact Form.
  • WSO Group Support Information
    Meeting formats, 7th Tradition forms, and much more are available from the WSO Group Support page.