Conference Call Information

You can join the monthly Intergroup meeting by conference call.  Please call (612) 377-1600 and leave a message for the Telephone Conferencing Coordinator to obtain the call-in phone number and passcode to join us!

A few important Participant Feature Keys to remember when using the conference call system:

Key Features of the ClearOne MaxAttach 4-Phone Conferencing System

  • Three Built-In Microphones and One Speaker per Phone Unit provide 360° audio pickup to ensure participants are heard clearly
  • Echo Cancellation
  • Full Duplex Operation allows participants on both ends of the call to engage in highly interactive, productive conversations
  • Noise Cancellation removes background noises from fans or heating/cooling systems making audio easier to understand
  • First-Mic Priority activates the microphone closest to person speaking and eliminates hollow “tunnel” sound
  • Automatic level controls keep participants’ audio balanced and consistent