What is Unity Intergroup?

Unity Intergroup has an elected board serving Overeaters Anonymous meetings and individuals by providing services and support to Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding communities. The following is a partial list of services provided:

  • A telephone answering system to receive inquiries.
  •  Receive and respond to mail and email inquiries.
  • Publish a newsletter and other bulletins to keep groups informed about each other and about upcoming Overeaters Anonymous events.
  • Distribute up-to-date directories of all nearby meetings.
  • Assist newly formed groups in the area.
  • Maintain a stock of Overeaters Anonymous approved literature for sale.
  •  Sponsor and arrange workshops, marathons, and other special events for member groups.
  •  Establish a ‘Twelfth Step Within’ Committee to contact compulsive overeaters who need a Twelfth-Step call.
  •  Handle requests from local news media, arrange for radio or TV public service announcements or programs about Overeaters Anonymous, and furnish speakers for outside organizations.
  •  Arrange with local newspapers to have announcements of meetings in free “Community Calendars.”
  •  Cooperate with agencies who deal with the community so they know where to direct inquiries about available programs.
  • Coordinate with regional and national groups.
  • Provide a small office to handle regional business.