Personal Stories

Below is a collection of stories from our members sharing their experience, strength, and hope. We want you to share your story with us.

A New Life

“I learned early in my childhood that I could numb strong…” by Brenda T.

Moving Forward with Recovery

“I was totally out of control with my food. I would do stuff that was crazy…” by Todd

The Miracle of Recovery

“I was three weeks shy of my 25th birthday, 244 lbs and…” by Katy B.

Unbelievable Freedom

“In May of 2009 while at a funeral luncheon, I had eaten…” by Diane M.

Grateful Compulsive Eater

“When I came to OA, I was miserable. I was well over…” by Allison H.

The Miracle that keeps on Giving

“My name is Michele and I’m an abstinent…” by Michele M.

OA is for Anorexics

“Originally, many years ago, my mom had suggested I contact…” by Cathy L.

Keep Coming Back

At this point, I became clear what this disease is capable of…” by Karen NP.

My Disease has Two Faces

“I have a disease with two faces – bingeing and restricting…” by Allison R.

My Miracles of the Program

“I have been given the freedom from sugar for 21 years…” by Pam

My Journey to my Infinitely Better Life

“I weighed 254 pounds and was obsessed with overeating…” by Jo M.