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Whether you’re new to OA or coming back, you are always welcome at our meetings! Currently, a number of groups are temporarily meeting by phone or online (see below). For more information on the status of your meeting, please call the contact person on the meeting list

Phone and Online Meetings (listed in Central Time)
Sat 8am Circle Pines OA-HOW: Zoom, PW: OAHOW; call Brittany 952-594-2165 for info
Sat 9am Eden Prairie: Phone; call/text Sarah S 612-730-8422 for info
Sat 9am, Coon Rapids OA-HOW: Webex or Phone 408-418-9388 / 625408382#
Sat 10am, Golden Valley: Zoom
Sat 10:30am, Edina: Zoom; call Margie 320-241-1967 for info
Sat 11am, Mpls: Zoom or Phone 301-715-8592; call Tricia 612-227-8227 for info
Sun 6pm, St. Louis Park OA-HOW: Phone 712-770-4598 / 802505#
Mon 6:30pm, Robbinsdale OA-HOW: Zoom, PW: OAHOW; Signup
Mon 7pm, Anoka (1st/3rd/4th/5th Mon): Zoom, PW: FFBMON; or Ph 312-626-6799 PW: 264463; Signup
Mon 7pm, Anoka (2nd Mon): Zoom, PW: 200732; or Ph 312-626-6799/ PW: 200732; Signup
Tue 9:30am, Mpls OA-HOW: Zoom, PW 907809 or 312-626-6799 /7764968370#; Tools/Readings; Signup
Tues 6pm, Live/Virtual OA-HOW: Zoom, ID: 4100391212, Signup 
Tues 7pm, Wayzata OAiA: Zoom; call Carolyn S 651-433-3258 for info
Tues 7pm, Shakopee: Phone; call Joe 952-270-5252 for info
Wed 1pm, Crystal: Zoom; call Sandy 763-478-2963 for info
Thurs 6:30pm, Burnsville OA-HOW: Zoom, ID:  724198198, PW 057016 
Thurs 7pm, Chaska: call Kendra 952-270-5258 for info
Thurs 7:15pm, St. Cloud: Phone 425-436-6307 /227491#
Fri Noon, Minnetonka: Zoom, call Steve 612-386-3934 or Emma 952-250-4699 for info

Download the OA meetings list for the Twin Cities, Central and Southern Minnesota, and Western Wisconsin. 

Additional Phone Meeting Options

OA Phone Meetings
OA-HOW Phone Meetings
OA Speaker Recordings

“A Vision For You” Big Book Phone Meetings: 712-432-5210 / 876148#
6–7 am CST (recorded)
7–8 am CST (not recorded)
9–10 am CST (recorded)
Sunday Special Edition
7:30-9:00 am CST (recorded)

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