Meeting Forms

No matter what format of meeting you begin, or participate in, basic business related forms are required to handle the information and contributions. Below is a collection of these forms. Thank you for your service!

  • Update or Register Meeting Information

    An all-purpose information form for a local meeting. Use this form to provide information to Intergroup if you are creating a new meeting, making a change to an existing meeting (i.e., meeting day or time), or canceling a meeting.

  • Intergroup Expense Reimbursement

    When you incur a reimbursable expense while volunteering on behalf of Unity Intergroup, please complete and submit this form along with your receipts.

  • Unity Intergroup Contribution and Receipt

    It makes a huge difference when you make a contribution.  This form allows us to acknowledge the contribution and provide a receipt for your generous contribution.  Thank you!

  • Region 4 Contribution
    Unity Intergroup is a member of Region 4.  You may choose to make a contribution to our region organization for various reasons.  This is a mailable form for your use. As always, your generous contributions of both time and money are greatly appreciated.

  • WSO Mail-in Contribution
    You might also like to make a contribution directly to the World Service Organization. This is a mailable form for your use.  Your generous contributions to every level of Overeaters Anonymous are a valued service!