For Healthcare Professionals

Overeaters Anonymous is a proven program of recovery patterned after the Twelve Step of Alcoholics Anonymous. OA does not concern itself with the medical aspects of obesity, anorexia or bulimia, but rather with the compulsive nature of overeating and other eating disorders. OA believes that compulsive eating is a threefold disease: physical, emotional and spiritual, which, like alcoholism and drug abuse, can be arrested, but not cured. The OA approach to this problem is a resource that can enhance—not replace—your existing treatment programs for these patients.

OA claims no nutritional expertise. We strongly recommend that members seek the advice of medical and nutritional professionals for guidance and for approval of a plan of eating that allows members to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. As a health care professional, you may have clients or patients who are at a healthy body weight, yet still have issues around overeating, bingeing, grazing, bulimia or anorexia. Overeaters Anonymous offers hope and recovery to these individuals as well.

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