Intergroup Business

The business of Unity Intergroup includes an elected board serving Overeaters Anonymous meetings and individuals by providing services and support to Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding communities.

  • Monthly Meeting Documents
    Agendas, Minutes, Talking Points, Treasurer’s Reports and more.  These are the documents generated from our monthly meetings to organize and supply the list of services below.
  • Local Meeting Toolkit
    The information and links to the documents you’ll need to start an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

The following is a partial list of services provided:

  • A telephone answering system to receive inquiries.
  •  Receive and respond to mail and email inquiries.
  • Publish a newsletter and other bulletins to keep groups informed about each other and about upcoming Overeaters Anonymous events.
  • Distribute up-to-date directories of all nearby meetings.
  • Assist newly formed groups in the area.
  • Maintain a stock of Overeaters Anonymous approved literature for sale.
  •  Sponsor and arrange workshops, marathons, and other special events for member groups.
  •  Establish a ‘Twelfth Step Within’ Committee to contact compulsive overeaters who need a Twelfth-Step call.
  •  Handle requests from local news media, arrange for radio or TV public service announcements or programs about Overeaters Anonymous, and furnish speakers for outside organizations.
  •  Arrange with local newspapers to have announcements of meetings in free “Community Calendars.”
  •  Cooperate with agencies who deal with the community so they know where to direct inquiries about available programs.
  • Coordinate with regional and national groups.
  • Provide a small office to handle regional business.

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